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Asian American/Pacific Islander Concerns Group

The AAPI Concerns Group strives to engage in projects and lift up other AAPI voices in research, scholarship, and leadership within our profession.



The Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Concerns group welcomes and supports all members who identify as part of the Asian diasporic community. This includes but is not limited to biracial/ multiracial individuals of Asian descent as well as transnational adoptees of Asian descent. We work to create community and safe spaces to discuss relevant concerns that are cultural and intersectional to the phenomenological experiences of the AAPI community. We acknowledge and are proud of representing our communities; however, we realize language evolves, and the acronym "AAPI" may no longer be inclusive to the beautiful tapestry of 50+ ethnicities and 100+ languages that encompass what it means to be "AAPI." Therefore, we want to explicitly invite those of Asian descent to join who do not feel the "AAPI" acronym exactly represents them, including the Desi, South Asian community and those who do not consider America home. Finally, in addition to connecting in solidarity of our intergenerational traumas, we ultimately aim to elevate our stories of resilience, endurance, pride, pleasure, and joy!

VP of Concerns

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