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International Concerns Group

The International Concerns Group strives to educate and advocate for the expansion of pedagogical practices within counseling on internationalization and counseling.



The purpose of the International Concerns Group (ICG) is to Stimulate scholarship related to internationalization of counseling; Stimulate professional growth amongst AMCD membership as it related to international work; Increase interests in counseling topics as it relates to international students here and abroad; and Raise awareness of counseling within different international communities. The International Concerns Group (ICG) is committed to:


  • Educating AMCD membership on international concerns; 

  • Expanding AMCD’s visibility across international platforms;

  • Facilitating discourse and opportunities to learn about culturally sensitive international research;

  • Informing teaching and supervision of and by international students/faculty;

  • Enhancing pedagogical practices within the counseling classroom on internationalization and counseling (e.g., working with immigrant families); and

  • Promoting networking among AMCD members engaged in international work.

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